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GSD Intruder Alarms

GSDi 10-70 Hybrid Alarm Panel Global Security Devices

As legacy sensors and devices fail, the customer can be upgraded to wireless technology, future proofing their alarm system. Wireless house alarms are the future.

The GSDi 10-70 Hybrid panel is the perfect solution for both new and old installations.  As the name suggests the Panel is a hybrid in that is takes both wired and wireless devices.  This is particularly handy in both new and old buildings where wired devices like window contacts are present but the addition of wireless devices are required for extra coverage. See More

GSD i70 Wireless Intruder Alarm Panel Global Security Devices

The GSD i70 is a Grade 2 EN 50131 Wireless Alarm Panel with an integrated keypad, siren and dialler.  The alarm can also be securely and easily set using a personal keyfob.  The Alarm panel also has a ‘’Smash and Grab’’ feature setting it apart from its competition.  This feature protects the Alarm panel from an intruder breaking into your home and pulling the panel off the wall and destroying it before it can sound the alarm and notify you or your monitoring station. Our Alarm panel reports to the GSD Cloud and once an entry is detected a notification is sent to the cloud which then waits for the disarm code.  In the case of the smash and grab the code is never received by the cloud and so an “Unverified Intrusion” message is sent to both you via our App and your monitoring station. See More

GSD Connected Security App                            

The GSD Connected Security Smartphone app is the perfect companion app for both of our Alarm Panels.  The App can be used to carry out functions like arming and disarming the Alarm remotely, remote monitoring of both the alarm events and persons entering and leaving the premises while using IP cameras. The App is also capable of activating lights on the premises.  Remote monitoring using the GSD Connected Security App can be especially helpful with the care of the elderly.  GSD have integrated its systems with the world’s leader in security camera technology Hikvision. Using two way communications both listen a broadcast communicating with a loved one can happen in real-time.  Children worried about elderly parents will find the GSD Connected Security Smartphone App especially helpful. Free App

Life devices Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector Wireless Heat DetectorWireless Smoke Detector

GSD life devices consist of wireless smoke, heat and carbon alarms.  Events on these devices trigger a push notification to your GSDi Smartphone App. See More 

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